18 August to 21 August 2016

An introduction to Talent Coaching and Modes of Active Citizenship

Amsterdam, from Thu. August 18 (arrival) to Sun. August 21 (departure)

This two-days course offers an introduction to Talent Coaching. It focusses on the personality triangle (Van Zwieten 2010) in dealing with the development of competence, behavior, character, talent and motivation. This course is unique in offering an innovative component to coaching of talent: developing active citizenship in employees or clients (if you are already active as a coach). Socially involved and active citizens live richer lives, and have more reasons and opportunities to share and excel in their work. This leads to an exciting additional spectre of developing talents. Aspects of both physical, mental ànd socio-cultural development are included in the cases to be presented in this course.

Moderator of this new introduction to Talent Coaching is Jan van Zwieten, partner in the Mentally Fit Institute and business entrepreneur. His background in sports, the army and education results in a focus on energy and performance. For this innovative course he teams up with trainer, coach, journalist and moderator Steve Austen. As policy advisor and former director of Amsterdam Cultural Capital en the Felix Meritis Institute in Amsterdam, he adds focus on social revenue and citizenship.

The original publication Talent Coaching focusses on mental and physical fitness. Van Zwieten's experience in defence and education sectors shows great results in optimizing energy for the individual, for a team and for the organization. The Mentally Fit Institute uses the holistic approach of talent development on four axes:

  • The IQ axis represents knowledge, expertise and skill.
  • The EQ axis represents how we interact with others in a team and in the organization
  • The FQ axis represents the physical component

How and why we use these three axes , is explained on the SQ- axis: meaning. Who are you , what are your values, your passion , what are your focus and direction? In talent development we need to look at all four axes and develop social fitness and citizen involvement. This makes this unique course complete.

Are you:
- a professional working in the field of coaching, with an emphasis on new talent and/or citizenship;
- a post graduate and/or a professional curious about citizenship as an additional value to talent;
- involved in learning practices; fostering and training of high potentials;
- involved in talent scouting and research; working in the field of (audience/ cultural) development of creative talent?
Then this is an excellent opportunity to take your professional career and knowledge tot the next step!


Thursday, august 18:
- arrival Thursday afternoon,
- evening welcome dinner and introduction of participants

- classes from 09:30 AM tot 5:30 PM,

- classes from 09:30 AM tot 5:30 PM
Sunday afternoon closing ceremony and departure.

Practical Information 

intensive and interactive course; limited attendance; moderated by course leaders Prof. Jan van Zwieten and Dr. Steve Austen 

Talentcoaching, the publication 

Steve Austen on European Citizenship  


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